Intro to my brewery & bbq

I’ll get right to it – Never done this before so I’m just going to type and add pics as I find them. We’ll start with the garage brewery. I’m in the process of planning a deck to put the Kamado Joe on, but I’ll include a pic of her at the end.


I brew in my garage. I’ve come to love my garage more and more. We’ve owned our house for 3.5 years now and are just wrapping up an addition of a new master suite and living room extension. Throughout the project, the garage has been a catch all space. Tool storage and trash for the contractors, my own shit as we moved out and back into the house, and boxes upon boxes of recycling from ordering new furniture, toys, and whatever you can imagine.

But the good news is, the project is nearly complete – hopefully we will be able to final the job in the next month or two. Once I finish all that I can focus on making the garage my best brewing space.

I’ll be updating my gear page more with time, but I’ll give a run down of what I use to make my beer.

I currently use a single vessel electric brew in a bag rig – a 20 gallon V4 Spike kettle. It is powered with a High Gravity Worthog EBC-330 control panel and a 240v Blichmann Boilcoil. I have a Wilser Bag, lifted by a hoist. Below is a picture, and don’t worry I’ve since shortened that kinked tubing and reconfigured it so it’s a little cleaner.

Liquid out > Sightglass just for fun > Riptide pump > 3 way ball valve > whirlpool port or lid recirculation port.

When recirculating during the mash, I actually let the liquid flow through both return ports as it gets me better temps throughout the entire mash.

I ferment in both kegs and Ss Brewtech 7 gallon brewbuckets. Love using both. I ferment in a big old wine fridge – but I’m planning to build a DIY ac unit glycol chiller to free up the bulk wine fridge.

I recently build my upgraded kegerator. I went from a DIY 3 tap keezer to a full upright 8 tap kegerator. Inkbird 308 to control temps, duotight fittings with EVAbarrier lines, 7 CO2 taps, 1 nitro tap. This was such a fun build.


I bbq and smoke with a Kamado Joe Classic II. Nothing special or crazy, but I’ve learned a ton about smoking and high temp charcoal grilling since I’ve had it. I also have a Weber propane grill, but sadly it collects dust these days. Below is a pick from when we were at the rental during the remodel.

That about does it I think. Thanks for reading!

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