9% Nelson Hazy IPA – Post Boil pH Adjustments?

I’m all about always trying to make my hazy IPAs better. I’m already damn proud of the ones make. See: Don Neldorado and Tauntalus Pot. Two of my better hazy IPAs I’ve made.

I read somewhere that a commercial brewery adjusts post boil pH of their wort to 4.6.

The only pH measurement I do these days is when I’m kettle souring. I stopped measuring mash pH out of pure laziness. Mentioned in my last blog post, Bru’n Water gets me close enough, and these days I am usually brewing to get close enough.

So, I figured what better opportunity to test out this post boil pH adjustment then the beer I’ve been waiting to brew for a little while – Fresh 2020 Nelson Double IPA.

Here’s the recipe, I call this one Badatipa: Between a Double and a Triple IPA, because I was going for a triple IPA, and it came out somewhere between those two marks where you usually see the ABV at. I attribute that to excessive use of the malted oats and a big beer in general not holding up to my usual efficiency.

Also, you’ll notice I use a very similar grain bill with up to 50% malted oats for all of my New England IPAs. I do it for a reason, and trust me when I say that you need to try it if you haven’t done so.

Batch Size (fermentor):5 gallons
Boil Length:60 minutes
Mash Temp:152FSingle Infusion
OG:1.095 (estimated)1.086 (actual)
FG:1.017 (estimated)1.016 (actual)
ABU:10.24% (estimated) 9.19% (actual)
Malted Oats37%
White Wheat5%
Golden Naked Oats4%
Yakima Hop Shot2 mlFWH or 60 min
Iadho 71.5 oz15 Min
Nelson4 ozWhirlpool @ 170F
Nelson4 ozDryhop 12-24hrs after pitch
Nelson4 ozDryhop 6 days after pitch
Total13.50 oz + 2 ml extract
Bootleg Biology NEEPAHBig boy starterPitch at 68, let free raise to 72ish after a few days
Mash pH5.25

Brew DaySunday 9/19/20

Went off without a hitch. Nothing special. Was my first brew with the new Blichmann Brewcommander. Fantastic piece of equipment. Look forward to learning more about it as I use it. Just a couple of snapshots of the set up from brew day, what I was drinking, and the old pup.

I didn’t take a picture of the OG sample which I normally do, but oh well.

Cold Crashed Sample10/6/2020

I don’t have any packaging pics because I’m fermenting and serving from the same keg. Floating diptubes are the greatest invention ever. Never had any issues leaving dry hops in too long, the keg only lasts a month or so and in my experience it hasn’t had any cause for concern.

But here is my cold crash sample. Knock your socks off Nelson aroma. Just like they describe… Loads of white wine and fruit. Hands down the tastiest flat beer I’ve had.

Also one of the prettiest yellows I’ve seen too! I prefer a hint more orange in the color, but hey, it’s a beaut, I’m not complaining.

Tasting Sample – 10/18/2020

So I went on vacation so I didn’t bother carbing it up too fast, just set it and forget it while I was gone for ten days.

Here are some of the Untappd Reviews:

I hate IPAs. 1/5 stars.


Could use some lactose and vanilla and fruit, but its an okay beer. Would be 1 star, but it has a good haze. 2/5 stars.


But on a serious note, I’m extremely happy with how it turned out. It is actually very similar to Cellarmaker’s Double Mt. Nelson. I wonder why?

The aroma still holds strong, gives you all the typical hazy IPA smells. The taste is outstanding. Tons of grape and shit. Did someone say lychee, passionfruit, stonefruit? Something like that. Delicious and how a New England IPA should be.

The lighting isn’t the best, but still a great looking beer. Good head retention for a 9% plus beer. Nice lacing as you drink it. The foam seems to slip down the sides when the head is thick, but as it settles the lasting ring on top of the beer leaves the lacing down the edges.


Did the pH adjustment before pitching the yeast do anything? I have no idea. Will I add this into my list of things to do when making this style? Totally.

Is this an awesome beer? Yeah it is. I prefer this to many of the commercial NEIPAs I can find in my area.

Should you brew this one? Yeah, I think you should.



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