Nelson Pilsner

This is will be a quick post, as I’m still newer-ish to brewing lagers. There’s also no fancy techniques, other than my normal ferment/serve from the same keg, and spunding for carbonation.

Thankfully I’ve had some success in the few batches I’ve made as they don’t last very long and very easy drinking.

This one was great, I’m very happy with it, but I was going for a west-coast style pilsner and I didn’t fully get there.

Things I love about this beer

  • Super easy to drink. Clean, no diacetyl that I can sense, pretty darn tasty.
  • The head/foam is the best I’ve ever had on any beer I’ve made. Super proud. It lasts a long time, too.
  • I’ve got two full kegs worth just waiting to be drunk.

Things I want to change/tweak for next time

  • It finished a little sweet. I’m going to mash lower, and try to dry it out a little more next time. Also change the water profile to “Bru’n Water – Yellow Dry”
  • I was aiming for that Highland Park Timbo Pils “west coast” style pilsner… More hops next time, both bittering and dry hop I think.
  • I might try mashing in at like 138F or something, raising to 148F for a while. Who knows, it will be a couple months before I brew the next version. Time to think on it.

Here’s what you came for:

Batch Size (fermentor):10 gallons
Boil Length:60 minutes
Mash Temp:150FSingle Infusion
OG:1.052 (estimated)1.055 (actual)
FG:1.011 (estimated)1.013 (actual)
ABU:5.29% (estimated) 5.5% (actual)
Pilsner100% (20lbs)
Saaz2 oz60 min
Nelson5 ozWhirlpool @ 170F
Nelson6 ozDryhop around 1.020
Total13 oz
WLP830Big boy starterPitch at 68, and refrigerate it down to 50F
Diacetyl RestLet it free raise back up to 68 for 4 days at FG
LagerDown to 38F in the kegerator for however many weeks you want, I tasted my first sample around 3 weeks.
WaterBru’n Water – Yellow Balanced
Mash pH5.3

Some additional notes about this brew:

  • Halfway through fermentation, I added my spunding valves as I was fermenting in kegs. I meant to add it at the beginning, but I forgot. I believe the spunding helped that fantastic creamy head.
  • That creamy foam lasted forever. It was beautiful and I’m very proud of it.
  • I don’t have any brew day pics, so here’s some pictures showing off the beautiful foam I get from it. The picture on the right is about 5-7 minutes after pouring the pint.

Next up, Coconut Hefeweizen, inspired by a hipster coffee shop’s banana bread I had a while back.



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