Topaz – Hazy IPA

Just making my rotations through hops that I don’t use often, or never at all. This time we’re using Topaz (never used before), Rakau (used a few times before), and El Dorado (used a lot!) YVH – Topaz YVH – Rakau YVH – El Dorado Here’s the recipe, similar to the previous NEIPAs I’ve done … Continue reading Topaz – Hazy IPA

Mixed Berry Kettle Sour – Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries!

So I myself am not a huge lover of kettle sours, but my wife loves them. Especially the fruited ones. But there’s a fine line between fruited kettle sours and those gloopy smoothie sours that have fruit puree added after fermentation. Those are gross. We don’t make those in our house. The idea is nice, … Continue reading Mixed Berry Kettle Sour – Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries!

Hazy IPA – Riwaka!

I always need to keep a hazy IPA on tap, and we blow through 5 gallons pretty quick around here. Next up, some fresh 2020 riwaka to hold us over through the end of the year. I’ve heard great things about this hop, only had one commercial beer that has it in it, and have … Continue reading Hazy IPA – Riwaka!


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